Seo hosting is the art of hosting sites where the page rank goes up by having sites on different data centers.

It is important for any website owner to have there sites ranked on the first page of Google or otherwise their site will not matter on the Internet. When a site does not rank well people cannot find the site through search engines and as most Internet journeys start by searching a term on a search engine, a site that does not have a good SEO value cant not be find and there fore seems as it does not exist.

One of the most important decisions that one can make is where to host their site.  (Read here for more)

There are 100s of different companies providing hosting services. A simple google search can easily show millions of pages that are about this topic but have you ever asked yourself which one is designed from the ground up to help your site achieve its potentials by being visible on search engines?

Selecting your hosting provider might not be the very first item on your list but it nonetheless is one of the most important decisions you have to make. A little bit of research and checking different providers can save you money and also can dictate the fate of your new website.